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Fujisan World Heritage Center

Yamanashi Prefecture

The Fujisan World Heritage Center is a facility that serves not only as a center that communicates the value of “Mount Fuji,” the symbol of Japan, as a world heritage in an easy-to-understand manner, but also as a base for undertakings such as conservation activities and investigative research and contributes to the promotion of tourism. In addition to the planning and implementation of all the exhibits of the “Yamanashi Prefectural Fujisan World Heritage Center,” we have planned and developed “Fuji-meguri,” a 7-language-compatible application that describes exhibits and gives guidance on sightseeing spots using technologies such as beacon positioning and AR (augmented reality).

The Center is a new era museum that combines digital and analog technologies to provide visitors with interactive experiences.


Fujisan World Heritage Center


“Fuji-meguri” application


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