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菊MR(Microsoft HoloLends Prototyping)

Along with the dramatic progress of technology, global attention gathers a new space experience in harmony with visual information such as VR, AR, MR. Therefore, in collaboration with Pocket Query and ParkERs (Parkers) Co., Ltd. for the purpose of creating advanced cases of MR experiences integrated with real space, we conducted prototype research and development.

By installing Microsoft HoloLens, it is an application that you can visually experience scenes that superimpose information on flowers arranged in real space and recall Flower birds mouth by speech recognition.

Regarding information display, it is possible to display images related to information acquired from flower production areas, flower language, SNS and superimposed on the actual physical objects. For scene description, it is possible to display natural scenes such as snow and dancing autumn leaves, birds and insects, and full moon in 3D graphics in real space. In order to shoot the MR experience as it is, all the live-action images on the left side of the movie are captured using the built-in camera of MicrosoftHolo Lends as they are.


Original Work