NOMLABNomura Open Innovation LAB

The city of chrysanthemum

DESIGNART 2018 The exhibition "Senrin Saki" is a fresh flower blooming in chrysanthemums of thousands of rings, made by a craftsmen from Nipponmatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture, branching one stem. NOMLAB held Microsoft HoloLens and held MR (Mixed Reality) experience event "Chrysanthemum" that you can appreciate 3D holograms expressing natural scenes. In the motif of chrysanthemum flowers, Mr. Nomura Taisuku (founder of Nomura Kogyo Co., Ltd.) who produced a stage such as "returning the chrysanthemum dolls" and a space that is joyful and impressive for more than 120 years, Meiji, Taishō, Showa , The meaning of "history symbol" of Heisei and Nomura Kogei company which vividly colored Japanese space is put. We held an event for two days and it became the first step to realize "Future Exhibition" combining model expressions and VR AR MR in "FUTURE EXHIBISION".


Client Work