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BIM Project

At the 3rd Advanced Content Technology Exhibition, we constructed an experimental booth design using BIM (Building Information Modeling).

An aggregate of contiguous triangles connected in series is the shape intended as an experimental attempt.

While the structure is an artifact, the design source is "nature" which constitutes beauty with a gradational change that is heterogeneous / unformed / coarse / dense.

By using BIM we were able to express continuous beauty that can not be reproduced manually.

In designing the exhibition booth this time, initially we have been considering a design proposal that is both a structure and a design.

I designed a number of patterns that can not be expressed manually and designed a space like a pavilion.

The three-point model is a 3D print of part of the design plan.

Both are pavilions that can imagine the near future, and it became the first step to realizing the way of design of a new exhibition.

As a system that also serves as a structure / design, we used a system that applied the principle of hinge, coupling.

By manipulating the roughness of the scalene triangle of the entire booth, it is possible to add spatial performance such as gaze missing, sound insulation control, while leaving the continuity of the overall design.

Plates and hinges (pipes, etc.) that have different shapes one by one are automatically generated by the program according to the overall image of the booth and the sense of tightness and tightness.

In addition, numbering and development maps are automatically created, all sent directly to the factory responsible for digital fabrication and are being generated.

Originally we examined the design proposal to make it self-sustaining as the structure itself, but this time it was a design expression like an exhibition to ensure safety.

The original design plan is exhibited as a model, and we will continue to work as a task to exhibit independent structures in the future.


Original Work