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NTT QONOQ AR Service "XR City" Content “G’s no Mori to Ashiato no Himitsu”  ( G’s Forest and the Secrets of the Footprints)


We were in charge of the planning and production of the content "G’s no Mori to Ashiato no Himitsu (G’s Forest and the Secrets of the Footprints.)" for the large-scale commercial facilities of XR City, a new type of street play AR service provided by NTT QONOQ Inc. that allows players to experience a new world that combines the digital and real worlds using their smartphones. The project was a collaborative effort between the company and the consumer.


"G’s Forest and the Secrets of the Footprints" is an explorative AR content in which visitors can meet unique characters from the SDGs-interactive forest "G’s Forest", who have come to showcase the SDGs. Players can experience 'meeting and becoming friends with the characters' by visiting AR spots in the facility, and at the same time, the characters will provide 'SDG-related information' in their specialised genre. This is unique content that allows people to learn about the SDGs while having a shared shopping experience. The first experience will be available at “Canal City Hakata” from 14 July 2022. (End date: 31 December 2022).


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(in Japanese language only)




Nomura Co.,Ltd. group's owned media “nomlog”.
・The three merits of introducing the AR experiences into commercial facilities.
・The XR content created is by a team effort -The secret story behind the development of “G’s Forest and the Secrets of the Footprints”.  (in Japanese language only)


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